Published Articles

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      • Ivey Featured Research, May 2021: The Role of Machine Learning Analytics and Metrics in Retailing Research [Link]

  3. Ryoo, J. H., Wang, X., & Lu, S. (2021). Do Spoilers Really Spoil? Using Topic Modeling to Measure the Effect of Spoiler Reviews on Box Office Revenue. Journal of Marketing, 85(2), 70-88.

      • Featured in JM Webinar for Marketing Professionals, Sep 2020 [Link]

      • Finalist, 2019 INFORMS-IBM Service Science Best Student Paper Award

      • Best Paper in Track, 2018 Winter AMA: When Marketing Meets Computer Science

  4. Borah, A., Wang, X. S., & Ryoo, J. H. J. (2018). Understanding Influence of Marketing Thought on Practice: An Analysis of Business Journals using Textual and Latent Dirichlet Allocation (LDA) Analysis. Customer Needs and Solutions, 5(3), 146-161.

      • Ivey Featured Research, Apr 2019: How Influential is Marketing Thought? [Link]

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